Our Sales Department

Our customer base is as varied as the range of products that we supply. The customer portfolio extends to blue chip and multinational companies and behind many household names in the food industry TAGHINI FOODS operates as a supporting partner.

Our customers include hotels, restaurants, fast foods, supermarkets, wholesale markets, further processors, caterers and butchers. Prices for our products are based on the market-rate at the time.

  • Receive Orders & Deliver Products

    We receive orders from customers and deliver products directly using our own trucks under the motto “Face-to-Face.”

  • Free Delivery

    We deliver orders greater than one ton free of charge within 24 hours to most locations in Nigeria using our own distribution team

  • Understand our Customer’s Needs

    By dealing and speaking directly, we are better able to understand our customer’s needs and to quickly adapt to market changes.

  • Solve our customer's challenges

    We can gain ideas to apply in production and food processing sites, to help solve our customer’s challenges.

  • Work closer to our Customers

    We strive to work closer to our customers and to better assist them.

  • Top Notch Packaging

    Our products are supplied in food grade low density polyethylene (LDPE) packaging materials which are inserted in sacs. Dolavs and pallets are sometimes used.

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